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Our team is expertised in delivering analytics based initiatives and big data services in various domains like Supply Chain Management, Automobiles industry, Banking and Finance, Retail, Telecom sector, E-commerce and Social Media.

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Supply Chain Management(SCM)

Supply chain strategies are considered as the backbone to every business organization. As materials, information and finances move from supplier to the consumer, the coordinating and integrating of the flows between the supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and costumer, forms an integral part of Supply chain management function.

Supply Chain is an extraordinary platform to utilize the advanced analytical tools to search for competitive advantages over the competitors. Supply Chain analytics intends to enhance the efficiency of the business effectively by empowering the data driven decision making at strategic, operational and tactical levels the business.

The prominent innovations in Big Data Analytics and the acceptance of Big Data Analytics in SCM is the natural development for supply chain analytics. Supply Chain Big Data Analytics is the process of applying advanced data analytics tools in conjunction with SCM theory to the disparate data sets whose characteristics requires the big data analytics tools to analyze and the results can reduce the economic wastage in supply chain.

Our specialists can deliver optimization solutions in 4 levers of supply chain i.e. Marketing, Procurement, Warehouse and Transportation
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Network Optimization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Route Optimization
  • Fleet Management Optimization
  • Risk Analysis
  • Order-to-Delivery cycle time optimization
  • S&OP Process Optimization
  • CRM Analytics
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With retailers invariably finding leading-edge methods to draw resourceful insights from the huge amount of structured and unstructured information, Big Data Analytics is now being applied at every stage in the retail industry to deliver best customer-experience. From analysis of the most popular products, predicting trends, optimizing prices and identifying potential customers, retailers are adopting big data solutions at every stage to keep up with the advances in technology driven by the online retail boom.

Analysing and understanding the correlation between the products for sale and the untraveled factors such as weather, social media trends and customer sentiment allow retailers to improve financial performance. Taking advantage of the analytics and big data technology available, retailers can embrace more customers on the basis of website browsing patterns, social networks and industry forecasts which help predict product trends, forecast demand, recognize customers and optimize pricing and promotions.

Social Media

Social media is a palpable part of big data. It is the one of the biggest and most significant sources of data. For any business, now, social media is not merely a place for marketing but much more in the sense of the data that is definitely requite component of success. Big data and social media are two inseparable components of the marketing world. Information produced and gathered by social media is unstructured and it is obviously an uphill battle to collect, process and manage such enormous amount of data. Understanding and making a productive use of big data is considered as one of the best and effective marketing approaches.

Predicting the customer behaviour, businesses can foster new strategies, analyse their performance and increase operating margins to a considerable extent.

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IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics are like other data analytics, IoT adoptions in today’s business world creating unparalleled information storage & processing challenges where as analytics capabilities are must to achieve the success of IoT deployments, so IoT requires the technical competency of Data Analytics and Big Data Engineering such as handling the streaming data, process and analysis of streaming data.

IoT are having the huge potentiality to transform the traditional supply chain into data driven supply chain i.e. digital supply chain. The IoT trends allows enhancement of supply chain solutions like from automation of the manufacturing process to better visibility across the supply chain including by connecting the processes, things and physical world via the IoT suite sensors, communication devices, servers, analytical engines & decision making aids can connect the information & things then communicates, data aggregate and analysis of the aggregated information which can help in better decision making.

IoT suite can be helpful in different points of Supply Chain Management such as in Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Logistics Managements...etc by integrating the intra and inter logistics which improves the communication between the logistics service providers and warehouse members so that better warehouse, inventory management, logistics management can be achieved.

Our IoT solution for fuel analysis, predictive maintenance of asset, analysis of vehicle utilization can showcase our expertise in the area of IoT Analytics. Our experts are working on to provide solutions for better Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, and Logistics Operations to achieve better supply chain performance.

Big Data Solutions

Data is the most significant money in the idea economy, where thoughts that hit the market the quickest win. Enormous information done right concentrates esteem promptly to make clients cheerful, at the point when enormous information gets to be business rehearse, the examination closes and the experience winds.

Big data does not create any value to the business until it projects the clear benefits to the business. In the competitive world where thoughts that hit the market the quickest win, so for better decision making it is required to derive the insights from the raw data so for this strong analytical capabilities are required, here big data has been evolved as a solution.

“It doesn’t matter how much volume of data you have, if you don’t ask right questions”, right questions will seek for more valuable insights.

Data is not always ready to be analyzed, it has to go through different phases such as data collection, cleansing, aggregation, integration and validation techniques will helps us to do further analytics by building right analytical models. AVID Big Data Solutions enables organizations to meet their big data requirements with right insights to achieve business goals.

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