Case Studies

Customer Experience Management Dashboard


Online Grocery Market Place

Business Requirement

  • Client would like to build a recommendation list for their users whenever they return to place a new purchase.
  • The whole purpose is to boost the sales through recommendation and solving the key problem of our customers - “Maintaining and updating a list of groceries to buy”

ADSS Solution

Our solution is backed by a strong data understanding research with the help of visualizations from expert time. Our aim was to identify the patterns in purchases. We observed many patterns which can be classified into three groups so we built a total of three models which captures each group of patterns.

Business Impact

  • Client can see hidden complex insights of their customer and products combinations.
  • This helps to predict the future buying of the customer, provide recommendations to customers on their new purchase.
  • This information enables the client to gain the customer loyalty and satisfaction which increases the frequency of visits, churn reduction.