Case Studies

Resume Ranking



Business Requirement

Scoring the resumes based on the required skills, experience, salary…etc (as per job description) which can reduce overall time to process the Profiles

ADSS Solution

  • Provided User Interface to clients to search for the profiles based on parameters (like skills, Relevant Experience, Total Exp, C CTC, E CTC...etc )
  • Scraping multiple resumes from different kind of job portals
  • Feature engineering on cleaned data like Syntactical Parsing, Entity Parsing and Statistical Features
  • Using different kind of distance metrics to arrive at scores based on skills.

Business Impact

  • This solution can eliminate the human error in weighing the resume w.r.t job description and skills
  • This interface can optimize the hiring process by picking up the right resumes, the optimization can be achieved by ranking the resume against to close matching with given job description, desired skills.
  • This can save time spent by hr recruiters and hr managers in hiring process